How can I streamline my hosting experience?

I currently have a Fully Managed VPS Host. The service and support is great.

The problem I find is that most hosting services are design to cover all kinds of sites and different scenarios. By doing this, the control panel is very confusing. The other concern is more security holes and it is harder to manage.

I only need
Wordpress blog.
One simple secure way to upload files

How can I streamline my hosting experience without having to spend my life managing my server? I don’t know what to shut off or how to shut off services.


If you have a VPS, use WHM to change the “package” for your domain’s account.

If you’re not sure, the “Fully Managed VPS Host” is generally more than willing to suggest configuration changes with you (and they’ll help implement, too).



Thanks for that. I also us WHM. I feel that I am asking for trouble if I start disabling things. My Web host told me that I should not have to make any changes. The default options should be on the secure side.

Why don’t you want ask your web hosting company to do this job for you. You do not need full time management so I think you will not spend much on this.

They told me that there was no need to mess with the configuration. I thought I would check what other web designers thought.

Probably you will need managed service, check whether your host provides managed VPS, may be they are going to charge few bucks more.

I have managed a Fully Managed VPS from Wiredtree.

They treat me very well and will all most do anything I ask.

My main concern is security. I am worried that I should be doing something. I just started using my server and left all the default settings.

So go ahead and ask your current web hosting company if they can provide something for you

OK sounds good. The only reason I posted on this form is because I thought some one would have experience and advice on web hosting.