How can i slice some holes out of an object in 3dsmax?


In 3dsmax 4 i need to know how i can slice these four pieces out of an object like in the picture i’ve attached… iwant to cut out all inside the yellow bits…

If anyone can help i’d be very grateful…


p.s. i know that looks like the old logo of but i thoulg it was a good shape to test with…

ok i just worked out how to cut the holes out but i still don’t know how to do the cut outs on each side “symmetricly” or opposite each other exactly…

try to make a cylinder, move/rotate it to position it exactly where you want the holes to appear and cut. Just make sure you make a cylinder that’s bigger than your sphere. The radius of the cylinder will give you the radius of the holes.

The function you’re looking for is called Boolean. By placing the cylinder through the sphere then “subtracting” the cylinder, you will get a sphere with circular holes in it. Here are some tutorials to get you started:

Be careful though. The boolean tool is a little unreliable for first time results, you may have to shift your ‘cutting objects’ by the slightest of distances to get a nicer cut. Its obviously dependant on the complexity of the mesh, this higher the better.

you could always go into edit mesh mode for your model.
slice it up using the slicer tool,
and delete the unwanted vertices.