How can i save the information of a form

I have a form at the end of a two-botten form to save form information

Now, when I clicked on the second cell, my form information is stored in an array, and then a new form will appear in front of me?
In fact, I want to take a few sets of information in several steps, then pass this array to the server and save all the forms together. Is this possible? And how?

You’ll need to post your code, @shabzadeh97

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How are you wanting to store the data, in a file, a database, something else?

I just want to post the data once. Each time the form is filled out, they will be kept in an array or Json and …

I think the simplest solution would be to have all steps in a single form, and just show/hide them as the user navigates between them. This way you don’t have to store any previously entered values, they’ll all get sent once you submit the whole form.

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