How can i rewrite this query for faster execution

[COLOR="Blue"]SELECT s1.ID FROM binventory_ostemp s1 JOIN 
( SELECT Cust_FkId, ProcessID, MAX(Service_Duration) AS duration 
 FROM binventory_ostemp WHERE ProcessID='4d2d6068678bc' AND Overall_Rank IN 
  SELECT MIN(Overall_Rank) FROM binventory_ostemp WHERE ProcessID='4d2d6068678bc' GROUP BY Cust_FkId
) AS s2 ON s1.Cust_FkId = s2.Cust_FkId AND s1.ProcessID=s2.ProcessID 
AND s1.Service_Duration=s2.duration AND s1.ProcessID='4d2d6068678bc' 

It just goes away if there are more than 10K rows in that table. What it does is find rows for each customer who has min. of overall rank and in those max. of service duration for a given processid

Table Data

[B]ID Cust_FkId  Overall_Rank Service_Duration  ProcessID[/B]
1     23       2            30             4d2d6068678bc
2     23       1            45             4d2d6068678bc
3     23       1            60             4d2d6068678bc
4     56       3            90             4d2d6068678bc
5     56       2            50             4d2d6068678bc
6     56       2            85             4d2d6068678bc

Result Data

Result ID values must be 3 and 6 only

Can you post the output of SHOW CREATE TABLE for each of those and output of EXPLAIN SELECT [that query you got there]?

Showing the SHOW CREATE TABLE will help. You may be able to speed it up by making indexes for some columns. It becomes slightly more expensive to INSERT data into an index, but is less expensive to SELECT from an index.

i would just like to make a minor correction to this above sentence, which could give some people the mistaken idea that you can actually insert stuff into an index or select from an index

the revision i would suggest is:[indent]It becomes slightly more expensive to INSERT data into a table that has an index, but is less expensive to SELECT from a table that has an index that the query can use[/indent]not every additional index is going to help a given SELECT, but every additional index will slow down INSERTs (and DELETEs)