How can I retrieve my html file on Text Edit

I know it seems a strange question, but everytime I try to open my html file on Text Edit to make changes to my code, it opens up on the browseri.e I get the webpage and not the code. I know I can get the code through the internet page but I want my html file that’s already saved.
I’m working on a Mac using firefox.
Thanks in advance.

right-click…er…I mean…Control-click the file you want to open to bring up the Open with… option/menu and select the program from there.

if you have the TextEdit app in the Dock, I think you can just drag the file to the program icon too.
I use mostly pc, so not 100% sure. :smiley:

Hi Agarcia,
I did that, but it still open as a webpage not as a code:nono:

oops! sorry, think I must have misread…and didn’t realize TextEdit is used as a word processing app. like I said…pc user. :stuck_out_tongue:
maybe this will help?..

Agarcia, you ROCK!!! Thank you! The link helped big time!!!:award:

you’re welcome. glad it helped. :slight_smile:

I have OS X 10.4.11. When I try to open the “.html” file with TextEdit 1.4, I get a blank white screen…very frustrating.
Then I remember that you can double click to open the “.html” file which opens your default browser, (I was using Safari) click View > View Source and then you can see the “html” text… hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi sitsky,

Actually there is an easier way explained in the link that agarcia gave in a previous message where all you need to do is check the Ignore Rich Text Commands in HTML files.