How Can I Resolve the Page on SERP?

Everyone I have a serious problem with my site, When I check my pages on SERP then several page comes with same Title and URL.
Please help me how can I resolve it.

Welcome to the forums, @PinkRabit.

If the URL is the same, then clearly the results must all be pointing to the same page.

Check your site and ensure each page has a unique title. Read the following guidelines, which explain how to create good title text. If there is a problem with your page title, Google may show different text.

Thanks , But each page has a unique title and also unique URL, but 2 or 3 pages repeat their self like duplicate of each other.

Most people are concerned that their pages don’t show up at all. I don’t think you should be worried if pages show up more than once. smile

There is a limit to how far you can influence Google (or any other search engine). At the end of the day, it is up to them how (or if) they present pages in search results.

You can change every page Title and description and submit new sitemap. After that google will crawl your all pages with different title and description.