How can i replace the hands in cookie jar image

Hi from pitch black but oddly warm York UK :smile:

On this page i want to replace the background cookie jar div image with a larger version of the below:

But Ive got my self in a right mess with the css, any advice welcome,


Not clear what the problem is, David. The images have different aspect ratios so maybe that’s part of the issue?

Perhaps you could add background-size to the .table div:

.table {
    background-size:cover;  /* ADD Me */
    background-repeat: no-repeat;  /* ADD Me */
    background-position:50% 0;  /* ADD Me */

…as a shot in the dark.

I’m confused by the question too. I see the image in the behind the cookie jar one. So do you want to just remove the cookie jar, so you just see the b&w background? Or do you want another copy of that image where the cookie jar is?

@SamA74 @ronpat Hi guys & thank you for taking a look at this. Just to clarify. I want the cookie jar image to be replaced with the image of a stage.

Yes Ive confused the situation by having that image in another div tag but right now I just want to get the stage image to replace the cookie jar image.

Regarding the the background image of the stage that sits behind the cookie jar image I’ll probaly just get rid of it but just to re clarify I just want to replace the cookie jar image with the stage image.

Thanks again,

According to Inspect Element, that background is applied to the class .table in the fluid-grid.css file, about line 761.

Thank everyone problem is fixed now :slight_smile:

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