How can I remove an e-mail attachment before sending?

Hi, I am new to email and I don’t know much about it. Yesterday When I was sending email, I attached one file with it. Later on I realised that there was no need for that file and i want to remove it but I am unable to delete it due to my lack of knowledge about email. Please let me know the same as its really urgent.

The Annex behind a red cross!You click on it, then you can delete the attachment

Impossible to say without knowing the software you’re using to send the e-mail :slight_smile:

In Right Side a red Button Available, you click on red button then you can delete the attachment.

As molona says, it’s different for different email systems – most desktop systems and some web-based systems will allow you to click onto the attachment icon and press the [Delete] key.

when you put your mouse cursor on the file u will see a cross sign on it from that you can unattach the file…

In the email, tap Remove just below the attached file, and then tap Yes.

I did not use e-mail software.The most popular Yahoo Mail

But the OP didn’t say what he was using to send the email. If he isn’t using Yahoo, your answer won’t help much :wink:

Anyway, I’m sure the OP has sent his mail by now. Thread closed.