How Can I Remove A Site From The Google Cache?

I want to delete one of my my website to tell me how can I remove a site from the Google cache?


AbbeyzSmith is right…

Google webmaster tool has option to remove URLs…

Right! robot.txt is one option that can be done to remove a page or url from google. Ive watched a video from matt cutts where he discuss the methods can be done to do so. Here is the video from youtube googlewebmaster channel

You can also do this with the help of Google webmaster tools which sounds to be the most easiest way to remove your website from Google…

If you just want to remove site from google indexing and don’t want Google to crawl it again, you can write robots.txt

mention in robots.txt file:
user agent: googlebot
Disallow: /

This will help you to stop crawling and indexing your site.

Once you delete the site Google will then delete it from their cache once they realise that the site is gone.