How can I put a form on this page?

Hi everybody.
I’m under a bit of pressure with this, so need a quick solution. For some reason the person that designed this pages used just images.

I need to put a form under the word contacts. Is there a way for me to do this?

Here is a link to the page.

Thanks in advance

Muphry’s Law strikes again :cool:


OK in that case here is what I would do…

<td colspan="8" background="images/Contacts_01.jpg" width="1238" height="535"> 
			[form here]


a truly horrid way of doing it and I would have strong words with the designer!

Yes, its a disaster, I’ll have to get it redone. But I need to put the site live today :frowning:

How do I slice an image?

probably the easiest way would be to use an absolutely positioned div that sat above the image. The form would then go in that.

The best way would be to slice the image and put it as the background to the content area rather that have it as it is.

Looking at the rest of the pages suggests that you are going to have BIG problems with this site and the chances of seeing it on the search engines are very small.

LOL, I love your city, have traveled to a lot of United matches and ended up meeting lots of City fans in bars, great fun :slight_smile:

Scratch that Spikez, I have it working now.

Thanks for your help, I hope you are a United fan :wink:


oh and change the spelling on hoem page on your site title!

Hiya Spikz,
I agree re: designer, the project was dumped on me…

I have tried adding in a table to your suggestion and it aligns to the left of the page, is there a way to centre it?

many thanks

<td colspan="8" background="images/Contacts_01.jpg" width="1238" height="535" align="center"> 

then you will need to play around a little to get the gap at the top to sit right.

Use css to add padding to the top of the table

good idea. you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks noonnope, I’m going to get the site done with proper CSS style layout…


in order to preserve the tables layout way, wrong as it may be, you have to split the first tr in three, making a six rows table, instead of four rows. that means that the initial first row will have 235px instead of 535, and the other two additional rows will have 265 and 35.

the tr in the middle (265) will be the one below Contact having the form you need.

also your Contacts_01.jpg image will have to be split up in three images accordingly, using the guides i’ve drawn in the image i’ve attached, and put in their respective tr.