How can I properly use the WHERE clause within a UNION for both of SELECT statements

The problem I am having is that I am not sure if these WHERE clauses within my two SELECT statements are logically right to do within the UNION. I want to output only faculty members who work in the IT department and output students who are majoring in Computer Science. However, I am able to successfully output what I want, but is there another way to do this for my two WHERE clauses within the UNION. Here is my code and pic attached below. Nothing is wrong with this code I just want a more efficient way to do. I feel like it is too easy.

    Faculty.LastName AS 'Last', 
	Faculty.FirstName AS 'First', 
    'Faculty' AS 'Type'
    WHERE Faculty.FirstName= 'Frank'

	student.LastName AS 'Last', 
	student.FirstName AS 'First', 
	 'Student' AS  'Type'
	    WHERE Student.LastName= 'Harris' 
    ORDER BY Last, First; 

this is fine

there really is no easier way to pull selected rows from separate tables

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