How can i promote my business

I need information how can i promote my business thought communities. Any one have suggestion then please give me,

Try the following techniques. This will definitely help you out.

1-social networks (myspace, facebook, twitter, linkedin and using to other social media.)

2- social bookmarks (digg, delicious, and other social bookmarking sites.)

3- directory submission

4- RSS submission

5- blog commenting

6- forum marketing ( participating in relevant forums)

7- using different one way link building techniques

Try social bookmarking for your business.

What type of business are you trying to promote. Hard to give you more details with little information

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hi there,why you don’t tire some google advertise programs…

I think First you Show your website then we more comfortable to a tell you how you promote your website online.

you can use community site such as facebook, twitter and some other social networking sites