How can I prevent users from blogging?

Basic summary. I have a website that allows me to blog stuff which will be displayed throughout the website. There are no members (no login stuff) and right now my current “blog form” is here

I was wondering how I can prevent users from going to a URL (whetehr it stays that or not) and blog stuff there. Password protect it somehow? Any input?

I could just type it into the database but I’d prefer to stick to using a form.

i have been typing blog entries into my database for years, i’m too lazy to write a form and secure it properly


first of all, you leave yourself open to all kinds of malicious attacks with a form

not to mention ordinary spam

but yeah, just type it into your database until you can secure that form

The issue I’m having is how can users never even know this exists? Fool proof. I’m not worried about security for now until I actually get an article or two written up :p.

Got it all sorted :). Basically just created a form and the right password must be done there (if not, emails are sent regarding IP and what they did). And I have it require()'d on the blog form page :).

You could password protect the entry page with htaccess

Didn’t do it with htaccess but I did password protect it via a require() page.