How can I populate the most recent pages from a section of my website onto the homepage?


I have a section of my website which allows people to ask a question and then have it answered by me or another professional. I would like to please know how I can set up a section / widget / nicely styled div that will allow me to populate say the most recent 2 or 3 questions with answers on my homepage? Would I need an RSS feed or is there another method? Thank you in advance ))

You could store those questions/answers in a database and then use PHP or some other server-side language to pull the 3 most recent results.

I believe they are currently stored in a database. OK thank you for putting me on the right track.

Is there a primary ID field or something like that? A unique number? Auto incrementing? You could pull the highest number rows or something. Loop it /echo it out.

I would imagine so but PHP is a little over my head. Iā€™m going to hand it off to our PHP developer but thanks again for putting me onto PHP rather than using RSS. Have a great day.

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