How can i populate an array of pointers, type char, in c++?

For example, lets have char *names[5] and I want to populate the array with for loop to make char *names[5] = {“Emanuel”, “Michael”, “John”, “George”, “Sam”}. How can I populate *names[5] using for loop and setw() function to limit the number of input characters. How to populate char *arr[n] with for loop, n - given integer.

You should avoid C-style char pointers and C-style arrays. Instead, prefer C+±style strings and C+±style vectors. Once you’ve done that…

vector<string> names;

for (auto nName = 0; nName < 5; ++nName) {
    string name;

    // Read name (max 4 chars long)
    cin >> setw(4) >> name;

    // Discard remaining input
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Thank yo Jeff_Mott, but I want to understand the pointer arithmetic. I don’t need to do any specific. And the task is to use for loop. One way I tried, is to make second char name[5] and to use strcpy(). When I put dimension of the array , for example char *names[5], setw(10), becomes meaningless, and I don’t know what to do.

Can you show what you’ve tried and describe where you’re stuck?

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