How can I override *{border-radius:0 !important}

Hi all,

I need a little help, I’m learning CSS, I wanted to simple remove all round corners so I used this code which worked but now how can I make something round in a selected area.

Also I’m building a child theme, it would take much longer if I was to remove the round corners 1 by 1.

Now sorted, I had to just use the same code, !important;
it just took a few try.

If you are already using !important to override !important there is a good chances you are learning the wrong way.

Most editors have a “Search & Replace” function which can speed up such a task considerably.
Using “lazy” methods like *{border-radius:0 !important} will inevitably, as you have already found, lead to problems further down the line, avoid where possible. !important should really only be a last resort, not to be used liberally.


you can learning at

We appreciate your input, @andyle, but before this thread goes off-topic with more suggestions of courses, I’d just like to point out that @2012 already has a thread on that exact subject over here: I Want to learn how to code and web design/development correctly

Ok, thanks ill change it.

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