How can I make this logo POP more

Hey guys,

Just designed a logo and it looks great large but on the web it looks not so good

How can I make it look better?

Hi @motion2082. The reason why it doesn’t look as good smaller is because there is too much going on - colours, fonts etc. Often with logos simpler is better.


Definitely agree with you here…now to convince the client, any suggestion for making it simplier?

For me looks ok.
But : :slight_smile: Use col-xs bootstrap class…

Still getting my head around how to use the bootstrap setting, any idea which html line I would need to amend?

Might give these a try too

You can always use brighter variations of the same colors.

That’s a great idea

I’m responding a little “late” but I’m glad you like the idea.

Do tell us how it went?

The client is happy with the logo being a little larger in the header.

If he is happy I’m happy. Although the black stroke line on Print could be a little sharper.

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