How can I make some $ on the side by managing

a blog for someone?

What types of tasks could I do while the client posts content?

A few years ago I designed a website for a music group. I stay in touch with them and have worked on the occasional update.

Now they’re interested in a blog. They’re going on tour, they have a larger budget and “hopefully” there could be a potential side-gig as their blog admin.

How can I make this happen? The blog will use the necessary plugins for their group: photos, event calendar, social media, comments, mailing lists, and probably videos one day.

To be honest, blogs are pretty self-regulating, once you’ve done the initial setup and tweaked the layout to match your design needs, it doesn’t need any other work than posting regular content too it (and most CMS’s are simple enough that they can do that themselves). If you’re attempting to gain a long term contract maintaining a blog but you’re not producing content, I doubt there will be any extensive work you could attempt to charge for - unless you’re moderating comments. :slight_smile: