How can i learn w CSS easily?

Let me know please.I want to learn CSS.I already learned html.

Hi, keep in your mind, all guys in the world with a documentation can easily write HTML.

But for answer at your question. Search & try are the 2 keys for learning.

So let’s go with your first search.

How can i learn w CSS easily

Start with an IQ of about 130 and have a photographic memory and then pick up a few books by Eric Meyer or similar authors. Speed read those books and remember every detail and then you will be good to go :smile:

If, like me, you don’t have that starting point then get ready for years of practice, reading, looking at articles and tutorials on the web, reading all the posts in the CSS forums, experimenting, coding and testing, re-reading what you just learned and testing again, more practice, more learning, going back and learning what you forgot, then forgetting what you learned because something new has taken its place. Rinse and repeat.

To learn the basics of basic CSS is not that difficult but understanding how to use those concepts is the core to being able to code efficiently and correctly. It’s all about practice and testing and reading and re-reading. You can learn the basics in a few weeks but to become competent takes a lot longer because it is only with practice and experience that you can ‘master’ the important details.

My initial comments above are meant to be ‘tongue in cheek’ but unless you are prepared to work hard then you will not learn easily. As Alaanor said above ‘search’ is initially your friend here as all the information you need is out there and only needs a little research to find something to get you started.

Also look at courses like Sitepoint Premium which can ease a beginner into CSS using the correct methods from the start.


You could try starting with our free course, Build Your First Website: HTML & CSS. It’s a project based course, where you will learn how to build this lovely single page responsive site.

Thanks for answering my question.

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