How Can I Learn American Writing Styles?

Hey all,

I am a newbie in this forum. I am a content writer and good at English writing, but I want to learn some american writing styles. Kindly give me some ideas.


Faizan Samiullah

Hi Faizan Samiullah. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

One thing you could do is pick up a copy of one of the American style guides, such as the Chicago Manual of Style.

Read–a lot.

Fiction, non-fiction–it doesn’t matter. The only way to fully grasp how to write like a native English speaker is to completely immerse yourself in reading material. It can be the latest sci-fi/fantasy adventure, a magazine article on the latest discoveries in ancient Egypt, popular romance or mystery novels, biographies or books on world history…the list goes on.

Is there a particular subject area that you plan on writing about?

well! in my point of view, you may have some options below:

  1. read a lot of US essay or US document to learn US style
  2. take writing course that have US teacher/professor.
  3. practice and then give your essay to US friend and ask them for checking.


You could also take some online courses at a community college or similar school. A lot of them offer creative writing courses and things like that.

This website offers writing workshops online,



Depends on what you mean by American style. Authors from America employ an endless variety of styles (for example, Fitzgerald and Hemmingway are almost opposites, yet both regarded as great American writers). I think your time would be better spent learning about style and voice in general, as opposed to trying to find a particularly “American” style.

If you want dialogue, then it’s best to live in the country if you can. If not, then try to read some modern authors, particularly with teenage characters

In short, read some American books, magazines and newspapers

Don’t worry about it. Just write. If your content is strong, it’ll be read. You might like to use American spellings, though. Just use an American English dictionary.

Daily you should read American new papers,Magazine,Story Books,and also watching American movies.If everyday you following these things,you should easily learn that styles.

First, you need to get the basics down. Read Strunk & White’s Elements of Style

Next, you need to read lots of American essays to get familiarized with American logical writing/argument presentation.

Finally, you need to hang out at many American forums and pay attention to phrases and idioms they use. This is key because ‘academic’ English is very different from conversational/casual English.

You should read the article in the U.S, and learn how to write,learn their style
Watch more movies to be familiar with local languages

First, you need to get the basics down. Read Strunk & White’s Elements of Style

I agree with that, but above all - READ, READ, READ. Read magazines, books, essays, there is a lot of interesting material on the internet whatever your interests are.

Native persons are always native. Its true that you can get knowledge from books, magazines, TV shows. Reading of native books help you to get your goal. But You will not be native. You will be near to native. My friend Relpha hav shared with you Chicago Manual of Style. You can try it but keep in mind consistency is really important for this. YOu need to work more then one years. May be then you are able to achieve your goal

Try Udemy. Lots of free courses available and it gives certificate upon completion.

The truth is that there really isn’t a huge difference between an American writing style, a Canadian writing style, or a UK writing style.

The major difference that I would point out is that in the US and Canada we say “optimization” whereas in the UK they say “optimisation”.

In Canada and UK they say “labour” whereas in the US it is “labor”.

These are the most noticeable things which will tell a person which writing style you are using.

Just check EzineArticles if you want real-life examples.

Audio novels will express voice inflection and maybe comprehension.

Actually, there are quite a number of differences between American English and UK English. It goes beyond a few simple spelling differences. They use different words for different things, different phrases, different pronunciations, and different idioms.

Yes, folks can usually understand each other, but there are significant differences.