How can i know to Infografic post for facebook?

Hi ,

I can know to post in infografic for facbook? Can i read to Infografic facebook but i don’t meet to docoments for study , so please any give me docoment for infografic posting for facebook.:blush:

Well, what you need is a high volume traffic business Facebook page that can help you to engage your audience and then you will post your Infographic and in resulting the people will start taking interest in your inforgraphic. But it should be creative enough that the people will start taking interest in it.

The infographic require a lot of research before creating, It is not simple you think. A single infographic nearly take a month to visible in the market. So, firstly choose the topic and research it, find out all relevant data … goo to good designer, put it … do the favor to your facebook.

If your question is how you can make your own infographics for use in promoting your small business, here is a link to a very inexpensive one…but again, research, content and language will all be top priority in making the infographic. The point is for people to share it so that you have a wider audience. They will not share it if it’s confusing in any way, so research is key. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi, Long infographics are not clearly visible on Facebook.
I think inforgraphics do support only on google+ and Pinterest!
Is there anyway to present it attractively on FB?