How can i increase visits on my site?

hello guys

i have a site <snip /> and it has page rank of google is 2 in just 15 days but m worried visitors not coming in this site so any suggestion about how can i increase visitors on this

thnx in advance :slight_smile:

click here </snip>

Do some submissions in high P blogs and bookmarking.

A few

First, whenever you visit a forum… read the faqs/rules first so you will not break the rules all the time. As a matter of fact, I can tell you that posting links in a forum is not worth it unless you’re a real trusted member, furthermore when it is a non-follow forum like SP. But even if it was do follow, with so many links per page, you would not receive much PR.

Second, if you build it and you’re regular with your blog and writing, they will come. The better writer you are, and the more helpful, the better.

Third, before posting something that have been discussed over and over, I would suggest that your read the SEO faqs and then we can see what’ve you done, how you’ve done it and which results you’ve got. :smiley:

Else, we will repeating ourselves over and over through the basics. And I’d be more than happy to repeat myself if the information was not valid but the thing is that, although it may look outdated, 95% of it is still valid. :wink:

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