How can i increase traffic without using any auto robots?

in 2009 a plugin called wp robot was introduced…great plugin…but i want to get real traffic …organic or referral but not using auto blogging…suggest ways


I’m afraid it’s a case of “build it and they will come”

I hate linkbuilding but I get much better results when I do it manually. The more quality links the higher my search position and the more traffic I get.

I aim to add a minimum of 5 backlinks every day, 7 days a week.

Always the basics to do for all webmasters:

  • Writing good unique content regurlarly
  • link building

Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and Forum postings are the best ways in gaining traffic. :wink:

Here are some recommended tips:

  1. URL Submission
  2. Article Submission
  3. Forum Posting
  4. Blogging and Blog Commenting
  5. Keyword Research, Keyword Analysis and Keyword Optimization
  6. Basic Data Entry
  7. Social Bookmarking and Social Media Marketing

Google PageRank is one of numerous factors Google uses to determine the importance of a blog and it is based on the value of your inbound links. Google evaluates how many links there are to your blog from other pages, and the relevance and quality of the linking sites. DigPageRank can help you check your own PageRank.

I believe that the following factors have contributed towards Google assigning with a PR4:


Well dude…tricks you told me, are awesome…but you might know that this plugin was getting more than 300 visitors for me…while i was doing nothing …now the thing is, when i work on different things,e.g. commenting,posting, blogposting…i dont get desired results…:frowning:

what I described is a long-term strategy, not a quick fix. Also, as I don’t see how you’re implementing my suggestions, I can’t judge whether you’re implementing them with the right mindset, which is important in achieving results, and how exactly you’re implementing them.

Also, as I said, this is only one thing you can and should be doing. In order to achieve maximum results, you need an integrated marketing strategy, but that’s beyond the scope of what I can advice you here on Sitepoint.

Upload topics related to your sites content. make the blog attractive and well written, includes valid links to your website in the blog, this way more readers will read the blog and visit your site in a organic way. Don’t forget to bookmark your site to different Social bookmarking sites.


Identify and describe your target audience. Search for blogs that cater the same target audience, make valid and relevant comments on those blogs (not just, hey great topic, I recently wrote about the same thing!), subscribe to those blogs and pick up a topic they wrote and make your own comments in a full blog post, obviously citing/quoting them and ping back. Basically develop a relationship with them that is beneficial for both of you.

There are of course other means of getting real, organic traffic.