How can i improve keyword Ranking's

Hi Friends,
I am working for a Web designing company. When i joined in company, Website got effected by Humming Bird. But these people don’t know about these updates. They need their keywords to be in top of Google SERP’s. How can i improve my work to get these keyword’s in Google SERP’s. Can u suggest me the tricks to improve keywords for better Ranking.

There are no tricks. The only way to do this is by hard work and building an excellent site.

You say your company “need their keywords to be in top of Google SERP’s”. Oddly enough, I imagine every other company feels the same way. If there were some magic formula which could be used to get you there, then they’d all be using it, too - only you couldn’t all be top, could you? So you need to concentrate on content and being better than other sites in your niche. Build a great site which provides useful, unique content that will be of real benefit to users. There are no tricks and no shortcuts.

Thank you TechnoBear. at present we concentrate on content only. And we are updating our blog daily with a fresh content and may i know is there any other techniques to get top of SERP’s.

Just as a quick remark, your website probably got hit by the penguin patch that was released directly after the hummingbird update. It is unlikely that the hummingbird hit your site as it has a completely different purpose.

First thing, your site might be impacted by last Penguin not hummingbird because hummingbird algorithm is not like Penguin or Panda. They made this Algorithm to get more original results like a HUMAN. First do research before starting promotion of website that what’s going nowadays in SEO means which strategies you have to play which can be good for your web design company. In other hand, it will take longer or some unsatisfied results if they chosen high competitive or wrong keywords. I think, you have acknowledgement about competition of web design and seo companies.

If you want to promote your site in existing way then just focus more on pure guest blogging and other link building techniques with specific RELEVANCY.


Now time has been changed. To get good ranking on Google is not a kids play, Now Google is more advance and intelligent. SEO now days not link building process. If you want to promote your site in existing way then make only natural links.

At the first place, your keywords should be long tail keywords because that helps in attracting more visitors. Secondly, use your keyword in blogging , article submission and on site content and create links.

If you want to ranking your keyword at first you have need to some on-page seo like title using your keyword meta description using keyword and high quality link building.That will be effective for keyword ranking.