How can I improve Keyword density?

Hi guys,

Help me out about that how can improve keyword density on my web pages.

Can you tell me the percentage a Search Engine prefers regarding Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Is it a good way to use the same keywords in the Content, which are showing in the Title tag of that particular page. Can I use the same keywords in the content or the synonyms of that keywords.

So please help me out


The Search Engine Optimization forum is right here.

Enjoy your bounce rate.


I just want to ask how can i improve keyword density in my content.

and what are the percentage ratio of using the keywords in the content regarding to the search engines.

So that i can improve the keyword density in my content, I just want to modify and write my content as per search engine guidelines.

Your question is quite common. Were you to go to that link, I’m sure you’ll find it answered several dozen times over. This is not the forum section for posting your question.

SEO should be about content writing – could be about writing content that doesn’t cause readers to flee due to repetitive keywords – SEO just isn’t about writing.

Take a look at this chart, it is my favorite for figuring out keyword density and placing key words on your site.

I also use With this keyword tool you can see the keywords that Google places importances on. You can use the other words on the list in your posts to add to your keyword density with out over doing the main keyword your are going after.

Keyword density is a thing of the past. If you write your content for your readers, Google and other search engines will know what your topic is about.
DCrux is right. This forum is for learning how to write content, not how to reach #1 on Google.

It is possible to do both. Yes content is King and there is no doubt you want to write for you readers, but you also want readers to find you. Content may be King but marketing is Queen and using SEO is a marketing tool. It happens to be a free and easy to use marketing tool.

Matt Cutts gives talks about key words in this video

Nobody is disputing the value of “keywords”. The issue is with trying to aim for a good keyword density.

…keyword density , regarding some keyword experts best is 3-7%

…here is link to check your density

Good Luck!

There is no magic formula for “keyword density”, never has been, never will be. Learning to write good text copy, or hiring a good copywriter, will be many times better than any SEO fads :slight_smile: