How can I identify my theme's "grid system"?

Im trying to work out column widths to fit images, and can’t determine how the grid works for my theme.

I have the dimensions for 12-column (960 and 16-column (960) but don’t know where to go from here.

Two questions:

  1. do all wordpress themes use a 960 grid system?

  2. how do I identify the column widths of my theme so that I can calculate the ideal image sizes to fit it? For example, is there a file in the theme that has numbers in it that would indicate what layout it uses?



  1. No. In fact, most WP themes predate the “960 grid system” websites’ existence.

  2. Look at the theme’s stylesheet. Alternatively, take a screenshot of the page, open it in your favorite graphics program, select one of the columns and get the width of your selection.

I had a look at ‘style.css’ but it really doesn’t give anything away. I assume this means that’s the wrong file?

I can’t find anything called ‘stylesheet.*’ in the Theme’s file structure.

What specific file should I look for?

I get the thing about using a graphics prog, but I would really prefer to see the numbers rather than approximate, if its at all possible, as the information is for a third party so needs to be precise :slight_smile:

style.css is the right file, unless there are multiple .css files.

There’s not going to be any line that says “set-grid-size: 450px”.

I would recommend dropping themes that use ‘grid systems’ because the spacing gets pretty ridiculous. I have seen a column with a spacing of 2.1313131313 em before. Unless you use the grid’s generator - it blows up faster than something being hit with an atom bomb