How can I host my own website?

How can I make my website visible to everyone ? I renamed my server as, opened up port 80 in the router and in firewall inbound rules, added everyone to folder permissions, bounded the domain into my local IP, and configured the DNS. I own a domain and configured the ns1 and ns2 with my public ip but when i try my public ip to enter the site it says refused to connect, i have tried a lot of solution from youtube tutorials but still it doesnt work, i am using windows server 2012r2 and trying to host myself, please help me , there must be an error that i need to fix, i am trying for 2 months but its not working, anyway, i can enter the website only in same network by and by using my local ip.

There could be a ton of things that might be an issue but I would start from the inside out. First of all, make sure your web server software is running (I assume you have apache or IIS running… btw letting us know which you are using helps).

Next, open a browser and try to browse to your website using localhost/ Can you see it? If you can, great. If not, then make sure you are serving your website.

After you get that working, ping your domain name. Does it show it as resolving to your PUBLIC ip address? This should not be a 192 style address but should be the one that everyone would see from the outside. Ping your domain and compare the IP it gives you to the one you see when you go to google and type in the search box “what is my ip” (while on your web serving machine).

If they match we are doing well because it tells us that if someone types your domain name they are being directed to your public IP address. If they can’t see your site at this point, then you know you have a firewall or router issue. Keep in mind that changing DNS can often take a few hours for it to take effect as it replicates across the Internet.

At this point let us know if you have all this looking good. :slight_smile:


The name "" sounds suspicious to me. That name seems to be consistent with nameserver names and I really doubt that you are making a nameserver.

You say enter the website only in same network . So probably the important part is configured the DNS. You say configured the ns1 and ns2 and I do not understand that. Where did you configure the DNS? Did you do that in the registrar where the domain is registered? If not then it is impossible for anyone to find the server using the domain name.

Do you know what the IP address is of your system outside your local network? Just type what is my ip into Google and Google will tell you your public IP address and it will list other online tools for getting it. Can you get to your website using that IP address? If that works then you know it is just a matter of getting the DNS configured properly.

Note that you need a static IP address. If you have a semi-static IP address then that will work until your ISP changes it.

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