How can I get visitors from others countries?


I have a site, He performing well and our all major Keywords ranking top in and others google domain like,,, and others, And also we target Geo-location global in google webmasters, with all quality require for SEO work. But we can’t get visitors from others countries like USA, UK, Australia, Germany and others.
Can anyone suggest what happening it’s, and what are recommendation for solve this problems.


Hi Dharmeshaegis. Welcome to the forum.

If you are not getting visitors from a given country, that’s probably because the search engines don’t consider the site relevant to people in that country. It’s up to you to create useful content that people from the country in question will find relevant.

One option might be to create new versions of the site for the countries you are targeting. Either register the domains with the relevant country code (.uk, .fr, .in or whatever), or use Google Webmaster Tools to specify which country the site in question is targeting. But that would be a pretty time-consuming option, and might not be any better than adding new relevant content to your existing site.


Hi Miki, Thanks for Suggestion.

You are right about domains with relevant country code, But our ranking on all the others countries with top position so reason behind that can affect visitors from others countries.
You can check our keywords ranking also in others countries Google domains.
Please Give suggestions which SEO activities can help me…!!!

Thanks Again

you need marketing on different contries, local submission etc…

Traffic and ranking are two different aspects. Ranking top on all search engines doesn’t mean that you will definitely got visits from that particular geographical areas. There are lots of examples in which you see that the keywords are on the top but the traffic is about null. The major factor is keyword selection. Do some more research in that country area and find out what people exactly searching for. If you got this you will definitely got traffic + ranking.

focus on which particular region you need to drive traffic to your website…and work for that region classifieds list,directories list,communities etc…you will have a better result

Usually, we can see some websites of the US, UK and other countries when we search something on Listed on the SERP of the google of a certain region doesn’t means the occupation of its market. Your website shall be localization. You can have your website submited to classified ads, directories, SNS websites of the niche in the country you’d like to develop.

Are you sure that the keywords for which you rank have searches in those countries? While doing KW research always select exact match and not broad match. This is the only issue I find with your keywords.

Also remember even if you are at the 1st position you will only get 30-40% of visitors out of all the searches.

You may need to look into few things, keywords your for which you are on top has good search rate in those countries of not, what i mean to say are those keywords popular in those countries or not? You may need to expand your seo campaign to those countries as well, try to target those countries specifically in your seo campaign.

If I’ve understood the OP correctly, the problem is not that the site isn’t being ranked highly in the targeted countries, but that there are not many visitors coming from those countries. So the question seems to be how to improve the click-through rate, rather than how to improve the SERP.

The most possible ways which we do for geo targeting our site is that we have country specific domains. and We always make efforts on the local native languages of the countries and always make the content in country languages! The next thing which we focus with extreme efforts is the promotion on the right popular social sites i.e. if we tend to promote in china , we do our more concentration over the most popular Chinese search engine i.e. Baidu! In other words try to be as local as possible for every country you promote in!

I have the same question wih u, acutally our keywords listed at front page on google for all different countries version like google, au,, etc. but seems it’s all several IP everyday only, all the keywords are important ones, so I really wonder if serach results differ if we search from different countries? thanks for reply.

How can I get visitors from others countries?.. Geo-location global in google webmasters.

As for search engines, a site is always located in one country only. The location depends either on the ccTLD of the site (.ca,,…) or, if the site has an international TLD (.com, .info,…) , on the location of its IP (hosting) with still the opportunity to choose another country in your google webmaster account.

I understand you did not select a country as geolocation in google webmaster, then your site is located in the USA (not India) because your site has been hosted in the USA.

If the USA is your main country target, this is OK.

visitors from others countries like… UK, Australia, Germany

If your main target is UK (or Australia), you have to select UK (or Australia) as geolocation in google webmaster.

As for

, people in Germany speak German. Your site in English may get visitors from Germany, but it cannot get huge amounts of visitors from Germany because people in Germany search mainly (not always of course) with keywords in German within sites in German. So don’t expect to get huge amount of visitors from Germany. Similarly for all non English speaking countries.

performing well and our all major Keywords ranking top

As stated above by other, this single fact is not very relevant. You have first to check the popularity of those keywords. Google has some tools which show how popular a keyword is. If your keywords have a low popularity, you cannot get huge traffic. You must then change your keywords

what are recommendation for solve this problems.

If your geolocation (USA) is OK for you and if your keywords are popular, then the problem may arise from your site content (your site may be not/not enough/too much optimized on your keyword) and/or from your backlinks.

I had a look at your backlinks: The anchor text of many of your backlinks is “Aegis Software” and to a lesser extend “java developers”. This is perfect if they are your main keywords. But this does not help you with regards to your other primary keywords such as “software development” and other ones. So I strongly recommend you to get backlinks with your keywords as text anchor.

More generally, I suggest you to search and get more quality backlinks. If you are looking for a global English-speaking market, you need quite a lot of quality links because competition is hard.

You should do classified advertising. If your products or services can cater to worldwide markets, Classified ads will help. You can also participate on targeted forums.

Thanks to all giving me positive response.

according to me link building is the best way to get traffic from the other countries.actually what will happen, when your website’s link will present on the foreign site then your site and your services will be popular in the foreign.

hope, it will helps you to increase the traffic as well as your business.

I totally agree with you.
dharmeshaegis you can join local community forum and share you site on these and submit you site on local web directories.

As I picture your website in my mind it looks like a very big company that tends to cater something to other countries.
I suggest to have a Geo-targeted keyword for other countries too. (ex: California “KW”, Egypt “KW”, Germany “KW”) and push that KW’s with enough SEO task.
If that thing has been done for the site maybe the thing that you must be doing is to put classified ads (Geo-targeted also per country)