How can I get to know, who visited my FB profile?

How can I get to know, who visited my FB profile? Any answers…

I don’t think FB has a way to tell you who visited your profile. I could be wrong. What I know that there are some kind of statistics that shows you the traffic. But then again, that only on FB pages. Is it?


There is not a feature like this in Facebook. There is in LinkedIn though. Hamiltondist points out the insights for facebook feature for fan pages. On a fan page you can see demographics for people that like the page and other metrics but it still doesn’t say that “Mary viewed your profile or page”. That would be a nice feature though.


All these ‘statistics’ and ‘apps’ that kind of show you who has viewed your profile are simply fake. there’s no such tool and this is a confirmed fact )

There is no tool for check in facebook, who has view your profile. You can check comment and post on your facebook profile page.

You can not check this

That’s not possible, who visited when visited u can’t track

Many applications are available to know your Facebook profile visitors.But that application could not show the exact visitors to you. this site might help to know your profile visitors.But i don’t know this would be show the correct visitors.

Actually we have many apps to know your FB’s visitors but they are not true completely

go to apps and choose profile visitors app

I checked it, and i joined application.