How can I get this video for my site?

This is so cool.

How can I get this video for my site?


Since the video is self-hosted, you will not be able to share it or embed it on your site. That being said, you can always capture the video and audio using screen capture recording tools. Camtasia is a good one although its about 300 bucks. Not sure if you want the video that bad.

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Real player Downloader tool should helps to download this video.You just download this software in your computer.Then you paste that video’s URL in the box of that tool.Then click the download option.Thats all.

You can use alot of video converting tools, or just find the video URL in the site’s source code.

Alternative to downloading the video and converting it etc - depending on the site CMS you are working with there may be a plugin that you could use. For example wordpress or joomla may offer a video embedding plugin that can find the source or video on a page and embed it easily.

Finding video in source code of the page is the best idea. But since you don’t want to refer to a website owner this looks like copyright violation.

Download video by Real Player SP and then upload it on Youtube or other websites then get embed code. Then use that code on your website.
It’s so simple.


I am using Internet download manager (IDM) and I just click to download it. You can give it a try :slight_smile:

There are many software with the help of what you can download this video…but you can not use this video legally. It illegal to use videos with the owner permission…Better you ask him for using that video for your own use :slight_smile:

After 6 months, I expect the OP has either found a solution or lost interest, so I’m closing this thread.

Thanks to all who contributed.