How can I get this functionality?

Here is what I want to do:

Is there a ready-made script, or wordpress plugin that does EXACTLY this? Click around on the links on the page and see what I mean. Thanks.

I tried Google, but I am not even sure what to search for on this one.

I will try. I fI need help, I will be back for sure :)…thanks

good luck. i’m sure you can do it and it will look superb :slight_smile: you should consider simple functionalities at first, that will be enhanced later on. that way your site will be finished sooner and you’ll have plenty time after to learn css and/or jQuery to enrich it’s look and feel.

it’s looking good. one thing though, you should consider changing the background colour for the search field, you lose track of the mouse beam when it enters it.

I will consider doing that. I will write it down on my list of things to do…that will likely be done in the final phase, after I get the big stuff done, like the item I am trying to accomplish with this post :slight_smile:

You are correct…NOVICE, all the way. I am trying to learn…I am surprised I have my sight looking as good as it does already (with some help, of course :))


one easy way: you should make the fixed size of the div containing them equal to the height of the longest, and the height of all the other testimonials also equal among them and equal to the longest.

you’ll notice that also in your example page, when there is a need to expand the div, some code does that. otherwise, most of them fit in a starting fixed height of the div.

there are other ways, if you have big height differences among them, and it’s not looking good, but if you say you’re not that good with HTML/CSS i assume this also includes javascript/jQuery or any other js framework. this one uses jQuery to show/hide divs containing your testimonials.

I see. I will have to research this some more, I am not that good with HTML/CSS. Their destination is not the same height…how do they get around that?

it’s pretty simple actually. put all your destination anchors and the content associated with them in a div. make that div a fixed height, with overflow hidden. build a list of the source anchors pointing at destination anchors, outside that div and use it for navigation among testimonials: click on them and the browser will do the rest. it helps if you make your testimonials have the same height, equal to the fixed height of the div.

I see. That is a bit above my head, I must admit. Do you know of a simple way to reproduce that effect? I don;t want to copy the code, that would not be right.

I mean the links to the “testimonials”…when I click them, the information about the testimonial appears in the box at the top of the page…the rest of the page stays the same.

you’re very welcome.

Each link I clicked took me to another page. Yep, it’s easy to do EXACTLY that. Unless you meant something more specific. :wink:

you should look at the page with javascript disabled and you’ll find a little secret. it’s only a bunch of local page anchors (# should have been your first clue), but their whole size reduced to the size of one, as to only make one testimonial visible, and the rest hidden. with a little bit more css work, the javascript use could have been avoided all together.

it’s a technique used also to simulate tabs. at least i use it for that also.