How can i get the Local Search Result in Google?

Hi, Friends
I’ve been hanged out in google search in organic result that not showing my result in local search and also in map
So to get my result in local search along with map.
How to get this result in google can u help me out from this problem …
I need to do seo for this website so can u help me friends

You need to register the site with Google Places for Business, and then follow the instructions to verify the business.

You can request general advice and information in this forum, but not an SEO review of a specific site. :slight_smile:

All review requests, including SEO reviews, should be made through the Reviews & Critiques forum, in accordance with its [URL=“”]guidelines.

If you are new to SEO, then I suggest you begin with Google’s helpful Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

i think you should register with Google places and submit your business over there with true information and make the map for people to get reach to you.

You need to add your business in Google and in order to get listing in google places you have to provide them with the exact location of your business along with other details, they will then send a letter with a confirmation code to your given address or you can opt to verify via a landline number of your business. You can then start SEO for your website by targeting your keywords with location in it, For example if you have a home improvement store in LA then you can target the keywords like home improvement Los Angeles , Los Angeles Home Improvement , home improvement in Los Angeles etc. You should try to use these terms as the anchor texts along with some other variations like click here, visit the website etc.