How can I get more leads?

Hello everyone. Does anyone have any suggestions for my page that tries to get people to download my music? You can view it at Thanks as always for the help!

My first suggestion is that you go back and re-read some of the advice you were given in your earlier thread, as you seem to have forgotten it.

There is nothing personal about that page - nothing about you. And it’s written in the third person. Both those issues were raised previously.

Also, your “Listen to what others are saying” section needs more information. Link to where those quotes originate, to demonstrate they’re genuine, and not just something you’ve made up.

At the moment, there is so little information on that page that I’m afraid it (again) looks like a scam to harvest e-mail addresses. Written in the third person, it doesn’t look like your own site, so I’d be very suspicious of somebody apparently offering me free downloads of another person’s songs.

There is no privacy information - nothing to say how you intend to use those e-mail addresses once you have them.

At the moment, it looks (to me) much less like you offering something, and far more like someone trying to get something - likes and e-mail addresses. As @William_Peterson said in your other thread:

Make it look like a person offer, not an impersonal scam.

Thank you very much! I’ve tried to implement your suggestions, so please take another look! Many thanks!

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There are many ways to getting the lead twitter, blogging, ebook networking events etc.

I did, and that’s definitely a big improvement. Hopefully it will encourage more sign-ups.