How can i display this?


I need to put together the following:

I eventually need to be able to administer the images in the back-end but for now i just want to put it together…

The page will remain the same in terms of layout, the images wrapper will be elastic so it spreads across the screen… I had a go at doing it with one image:

But i need to have the page looking like the image i have provided above…

How can i do this?


Considering, I’d prob just make all the text an image and place the real text behind it (as an image replacement of sorts).

I bleed for you, then. No one should have to work under a graphic design type. :smiley:

Do as I suggested. Work top down, first creating the four columns, then populating each with the blocks of images and text.

Be sure to explain the fragility of the design, and ask if something more flexible is possible.

good luck,


Haha! Mate i’m the developer and have been told to put this together, i don’t design the sites i put them together and do the programming.

I should really go back to the designer and tell him to design it again, but its a shame when the designer is your manager :mad: lol

Yours is a lovely print design, but a truly crappy web design. You have made an image bound layout in a flexible, uncontrollable medium. What happens when your visitor decides your micro fonts are too small to read, and changes the font size? Breakage.

That said, and there are ways to add elasticity to the design, you have a four column layout. Create your columns, then concentrate treating each column independently.

Most of what you know about graphic design for print is wrong when applied to the web. Print is about attracting the eye; the web is about guiding the eye to self-evident, purposed widgets. Print is static; the web is interactive. The web designer is more like a product designer; affordance is key. The visitor should find it easy to do what he came to the site for because of easily understood design factors. Graphic design is a supportive craft, driven by the pages’ purpose, not the other way 'round.

Take another look at the purpose of the page. Design for the web, not a magazine.



At its heart, an image-bound design is just that; everything must fit with everything else. There is no allowance for any part of the layout to be changed in size or location. The simplest example lies with the text. Will it never be edited or re-written? Will your visitor never have the need to alter the text size? Don’t let the graphics guy try to make the text an image. If he does, your site is inaccessible to significant numbers of people, including those who simply visit without images enabled, or those who require a different font size.

Each graphics-bound design has its own herd of gotchas waiting to bite you in the butt.




Any chance you could possible assist in explaining the fragility of the design?

I know it not really how the web works having a design like that but what other problems could such a design have?