How can I develop a Chinese language website for Chinese users?

Hey guys,

I can only speak/write/develop in English. Do Chinese websites follow the standard HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL as we know it? Or do they have their own programming language?

I am hoping to develop some Chinese language websites for Chinese users. I have an associate who will provide Chinese content. I am hoping that users will also submit content in Chinese language(comments, forms, etc).

What steps must I take assuming I only have knowledge of html/css/php/mysql?

HTML and CSS is written in English regardless. Obviously you’ll have to consider the actual content and layout and especially the character encoding and human language but other than that the basic Syntax for those two is still English.

Their input however will likely be Chinese characters so they’ll need that to render correctly, so make sure the forms accept such character input, etc.

Thank you for the resource xhtmlcoder

No problem, you’ll find a lot of good advice about Internationalization there and several other related tutorials, which will help with making the site more interoperable, etc.