How can I delete my instance?

I originally thought I would be able to enter this contest but the effort required to learn their interface is just too much - there are no tooltips and screenshots from their own official docs don’t match what I see. I have one PHP file I want to upload, that’s literally it, but I’ve spent the last 2 full days having to learn about Docker (my app is in Node, I picked PHP because that seemed infinitely easier).

This morning I started following one of their official docs, but I decided to quit half way because the screenshots weren’t matching up with what I was actually seeing and I was seeing price values when I thought it was free. Somehow, I ended up with an instance but I didn’t get any emails/notifications and have absolutely no idea what I’m even looking at:

There’s no obvious way to delete this. I thought maybe clicking stop would delete it, but then I get this message:

That freaked me out, because I have no income/money. Then I saw this thread where someone was charged 1 penny (they used a credit card whereas I’m using PayPal).

So am I safe to stop this instance (which I’m assuming deletes it, I’m not even sure) and is it actually free or will I get charged? I have no income and my account is at $0, so even a charge of a penny will really hurt me as my bank will then charge a $30 overdraft fee.

I feel like this cloud is way too new (the docs aren’t even up to date), so new in fact that no one has brought up the fact that you can only select white people as your avatar!


Why can’t you release it?
That’s the lingo for destroying it.

Why not change the “lingo” so the message is clear? Use commonly understood words.

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You can delete any Alibaba Cloud ECS instance by releasing it from the console/dashboard to save cost if you no longer need it.

You can either release the instance immediately or schedule it to be released on a particular date.

Once you release the Alibaba Cloud ECS instance, you can’t recover its data.

First, navigate to the list of ECS instances that you have and make sure you have selected the appropriate region at the top.

Then find the instance that you want to release. In the Actions column, select Manage then Release.

Thanks everyone! I released it, but all it actually did was stop it. There’s no obvious way to actually delete it, but I think that’s just as good.

Sorry if I came across as being dramatic/negative in my OP, I was mostly frustrated that I couldn’t enter the contest due to the learning curve but that’s on me not the platform :blush:

Because I’m referring to Alibaba’s lingo actually used in Alibaba Cloud control panel.

I was trying to help him find his way around, not sound smart :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is not released instance, that’s stopped instance. I think you may not have found the actual “release” button / link.


I apologize for the tone of my remark. I didn’t mean to be critical of your helpful response. I am annoyed by companies or products that apply novel, “trademark”-like words to functions of their products. Their chosen terminology often bears little or no resemblance to establshed definitions. One has to learn the company’s unique vocabulary to understand the use and limitations of their products.

One of the tenents of the ISO9000 guidelines of international business is the consistent use of commonly recognizable language when describing products and instructions. We all like to be independently creative; however, ambitious marketeers live to create new worlds. Today’s marketplace is busier than ever, and, as always, product “differentiation” is key. Unfortunately, customers are swept along in the
endlless struggle to adapt. To me, clear and simple is better.