How can i create my own website?

Hey i am not web developer i am Art student i found on Google we can make web site via using dreamweaver i am using it but i do’t know how it’s work please guide me :confused:

Hi harrypeter235

I think you should start simple one step at a time.
Starting with Dearmweaver is must be tempting but you should avoid it because this will hide most code and automate many important steps that you should know instead start buying books - a book like,
you can learn it in 10 days or so it depends how fast you pick it. And then you can ask like how can I make a tag and how can I display a paragraph and then a picture later on links etc.
Asking to create a website could be divided in some sections when you master these you can do progress.
Thanks MJ

Hi harrypeter235. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

There are lots of ways to build a site. To use an editor like DreamWeaver, you are going to have to learn how to build a site the long way—whether it be to use a book like suggested by JasonMo, or to study a book on how to use DreamWeaver as a WYSIWYG editor (where the code is done for you and you work visually). Both these options will take some study.

An easier way to go is to use a service that allows you to build a site visually online (often for free). Examples include:

You can als get a free blog at sites like

Yes, Dreamweaver is good way to go. Yes, it does hide the code like JasonMo says but if you are an arts student it is the easier way to go. Look on the net for a few details and gradually i’m sure u’ll find your way through. just spend some time with it everyday and u’ll figure it out.

Hi HarryPeter,

Dreamweaver is good but for a newbie it is not good. Start first with the basic HTML and CSS. You can also go through a lot of web design course in the web, just keep on searching. I know somehow you’ll find a solution.

Hope it helps.

All the best,
Justin Durano

If you are a true beginner and you need to get up and running fast I recommend that you use a cms script like joomla since it requires no coding to use and is very user friendly but you can get great dreamweaver tutorials by googling for a few

Hello harrypeter, like the others said, you need to learn the basic html to know how to create a website on dreamweaver,
just watch tutorial on youtube, there’s a lot of tutorials there, once you created your website, you can promote your website and also your product.

There are many tutorials in youtube. There are also many programs that can help you like wordpress or joomla which are open source.

I would suggest, maybe before engaging in such a project you visit YouTube. I trust you will find some great tutorials that can touch bases on that in which you ask.

Dreamweaver is awesome, but I agree with JasonMo. I believe Notebook++ is maybe just what you may want to start off with, then after you gain experience with proper coding ( HTML ’ 5 ’ and CSS ’ 3 ’ ) then Dreamweaver would be something to use.

Note: Notebook++ is Free…

Good Luck !

Hello. I don’t know anything about creating websites as well, aside from using those free web 2.0s online. I get overwhelmed when I read or hear web design. I have tried dreamweaver before and it got me totally confused.

Recently, someone introduced me to this site . The site teaches about how you can build sites from scratch. I haven’t really studied the lessons well since I’m also busy with work. Anyway, I hope that helps.

[FONT=Verdana]w3schools is probably not the best site from which to learn. See for more information on that. There are many other resources for learning HTML/CSS, icluding these:

There are already a number of threads in the forum suggesting other good learning resources, so if you’re interested, you can search for these.

However, as harrypeter235 has never returned, there doesn’t seem to be much point in continuing to offer him suggestions. Thanks to those who contributed.

Thread closed.[/FONT]