How can I create a spreadsheet that I can access online?

I am trying to create a spreadsheet app that I can access online.

I need it to do fairly basic things - general maths stuff, concatenate, count string lengths and so on.

I have been using Zoho which is exactly what I need - but for the last two days I cannot get it to load any of the sheets I have created.

I have some experience of HTML and CSS, probably very out of date, and very basic knowledge of JavaScript and associated languages, also some PHP.

If anyone knows of something that already exists that I could use this would be perfect, but I’m willing to have a go at making my own!

The only other proviso is that it must be entirely Web-based - it cannot involve downloading anything.

Anyone got any idea where I should start?

Google sheets?

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Hi dogthedigger1, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Could Google Sheets be used as shared with anyone?

Beaten by a fraction of a second! :smiley:

I’m assuming you are in the planning stages and options are being explored.

  • Have you decided what format(s) you want the data ? (eg. DB, CSV, XML, etc.)
  • related, How much data do you foresee as a possible maximum ?
  • What operations don’t you want the app to do and how often are they performed ?

- BUT -

Considering it’s exactly what you need, I would be inclined to determine why it isn’t working with the spreadsheets you have created before abandoning it completely.

Yes, indeed. I have made enquiries to Zoho and told them what the problem is, which is simply that Zoho spreadsheets will not load - all other Zoho applications work fine. The other oddity is that they loaded without problem on 29th October - the last time I was able to use them - but not since.

No problem James_Hibbard and Erik_J, I appreciate the help!

Also, I have no idea what format would be best - perhaps if I explain my needs in more detail.

Essentially, I want the websheet to be able to perform simple arithmetic and string functions: add, subtract, multiply, divide, sum; also stat functions like counta; also string functions like concatenate and len(). Index, Rand() and Int would be nice too.

Principally I’m using Zoho to analyse my weekly and monthly shopping list with a view to predicting what I need to buy and so reduce the number of times I need to go.

I have worked extensively on Zoho already and I can share some of my sheets with you if this would help?

As always, many thanks to everyone who’s replied here.

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