How can i close fake mails


i want to close the fake mails that fills the main mail

when some one send mail for any mail account that i haven’t it on my server it directory to main account
i want to close this services

i have whm panel

I don’t think you can do it. Read this, from the WHM manual:

The default address cannot be deleted or renamed, and it has no quota. It cannot be used for sending email.

Hey I don’t understand exactly what you mean by closing fake accounts?
Do you mean inexistent accounts? For instance if someone sends a mail to you are receiving it in your actual main account?
If this is it can be easily fixed!
Have you contacted the support of your hosting provider?

yes i mean that
i am the administrator for my server
who can i stooped this mail from receiving main account
i have 5 GB spam in mail folder :x