How can i change the nav stacking order

Hi from York UK,

On this page there is a left sub nav illustrated here:

The problem is it sinks to the bottom of the viewport in mobile view. My question is (we are not the developers) “How can we change the stacking order of that sub nav”?


Hi David,

It looks like the site uses Bootstrap for the layout (a framework utilising HTML and CSS based design templates), and that particular column with the sub-menu, the sidebar, is set to move underneath the main content on smaller screens. It could be moved to the top of the screen on smaller screens but it involves a change to the HTML so is something the developer would need to do. The developer can potentially add in the push and pull classes to the bootstrap grid to make this happen (here’s a link to a Stack Overflow answer that explains it: ).


Thank you, we are looking into this :slight_smile:

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