How can i change to my url in twitter

when i posted a link on tweet i noticed it has been shortened by
is there any way to get backlink from twitter?

As far as I know answer is NO.Twitter script changes all the links automatically and shorten it to accomodate 140 characters limit

[FONT=Verdana]There are several things going on with a tweet link.

The actual href is always replaced with a URL, to help you fit into the 140 characters (even if you’ve got plenty of characters left).
The link has rel=“nofollow” on it, so search engines are not necessarily going to pay it a whole load of attention - it doesn’t really matter that your own URL isn’t there.
There is an attribute called data-expanded-url added to the link, with the full and genuine URL as the value, so any robots who are interested can get the genuine URL without having to go through the redirect.
If your URL is short enough (28 chars?) it is displayed intact in the tweet, otherwise it is truncated.

Off Topic:

I do have to laugh the way so many tweeters go to the effort of shortening their URLs on, or many others when they could just bung the whole URL in there and let Twitter sort it all out. Still, I suppose it hides the fact that they’re usually using stupid ugly long URLs that they shouldn’t have in the first place … but then I like to laugh at any organisation that uses a shortened URL in any of its official publicity … have they not heard of 301 redirects?

I think it’s not possible bro. I’ve tried but with no luck…

I don’t know how many times I have to post this before it sinks in. This forum is about Social Media for visitors. It’s not about programming social media or about SMO or SEO for Social Media. What always amazes me is that most of the SEO/SMO questions in here are from those who claim to sell SEO services. That doesn’t really speak well of their expertise in their field of business. :rolleyes:

At any rate, this thread and any others that should be in programming and/or marketing will be closed.

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