How can I call quote?

I can call the above a single quote.

I can call the above a double quote.
I like to know how I call the below?



Grave (“grahv”, as in the accent mark),
“That one on the tilde key.” (though fully expect the response “what’s a tilde?”)

Not on my (UK) keyboard. The thing with the tilde is #.

(And I don’t know what you call either of the things on the key with the backtick. redface)

True. On the Tilde key on the UK keyboard layout are the logical symbol for Negation (the ¬) and the vertical bar (|), which many would call the pipe character.

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Mine has a ¦ instead of the pipe, the pipe is with the back-slash.

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Oh you’re right, it’s the veritcal broken bar. My mistake.

The US layout does not feature either character.

Looks like ¦ is just called a broken bar. ref