How can I add css formatting?

Can some help me figure out where I can add some css formatting.

add_action('init', 'checkJS');          
function checkJS()    
	if ($_GET["action"] == 'externalReviews') {    
		$campaignId=(int)$_GET['campaignId']>0 ? (int)$_GET['campaignId'] : 1;    
		if($_GET["shortcode"] == 2) $shortcode='[wb_reviews campaign="'.$campaignId.'"]';    
		else if($_GET["shortcode"] == 3) $shortcode='[wb_reviews amount="5"]';    
		else if($_GET["shortcode"] == 4) $shortcode='[wb_reviews type="latest"]';    
		else if($_GET["shortcode"] == 5) $shortcode='[wb_reviews type="latest" amount="5"]';    
		else if($_GET["shortcode"] == 6) $shortcode='[wb_reviews rating="2.5"]';    
		else if($_GET["shortcode"] == 7) $shortcode='[wb_reviews rating="2.5" amount="5"]';    
		else $shortcode='[wb_reviews]';           
		header('Content-Type: application/javascript');    
		'	var dynDiv = document.getElementById("externalReviews");    
                    dynDiv.innerHTML = '.json_encode(do_shortcode($shortcode)).';';            
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

This is the output

What exactly are you trying to add formatting to?
Give whatever element you are trying to target a class name, then add the styles in your CSS file as normal.

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