How can I add breadcrumb to my Wordpress theme?

I bought a wordpress theme from themeforest, it’s called Quezal, and I have managed to build the website in the last few months. But now I’m having trouble implementing the breadcrumb. I googled a lot and found out I have to add some PHP code into the header template, but I don’t know PHP at all.

Can anyone tell me how to do it right? My website is

Thank you guys.

Make backups before you do anything!

This is a really popular Breadcrumb plugin:

If that doesn’t work post the PHP code you mentioned and we can probably walk you through it. The header template they’re talking about is located in: /wp-content/themes/quezal/header.php, but you definitely want to post the PHP snippet you found before tossing it in if that plugin doesn’t work for you.

Lot of SEO plugins also provide breadcrumb feature … which seo plugin are you using ??

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