How can I add a external page in wordpress

How can I add a external page in wordpress

In basic I’ve managed to bridge phpbb and wordpress

I want to add phpbb inside wordpress without the iframe plugin or the sidescroll I want it to look like its a part of the site.

Can anyone help.

If you are using the custom menus feature (It will show up in the dashboard under appearance > menus), you can add a custom link to the menu instead of a page or category. Use the link to wherever you have set up your phpbb.

Sorry I think you misunderstood, Im wanting to add phpbb as a page.
like bbpress would show inside wordpress

Sorry, I did misunderstand your question. Did you try searching the WordPress plugins? For example, (although this one has not been updated recently).

If you do a search in their plugin repository, you might find what you are looking there to integrate phpbb into WordPress.

I’ve managed to find a plugin that works bridgedd the problem is it only works with phpbb 3.0 and does the sso so i need a way to add phpbb inside wordpress. ive not tried plugins

Ive done a iframe code

div class=“iframe-container”>
iframe src=“/phpbb3”
width=“100%” !important;
height=“2000px” !important;
frameborder=“0” scrolling=“no” allowfullscreen></iframe


Ive too our < > so you can see the code, If I could have another option it would be good to know
which works but I need to make it responsive now, No idea how.

I also found another plugin in alpha called wp unicorn which works for some on wordpress 4.3.

bridgedd has another plugin bridgedd pro which which should work with phpbb 3.1 and add the header and footer the big issue is they charge a subscription fee of $40 a year to get the plugin and no way to test to see if it works

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