How can I add a Advance search bar to my site?

How can I add a Advance search bar to my site, without buying a new theme ?
something similar to the image attached.

I dont know much about coding.

Have you checked out any of the plugins listed at yet to see if they will have the functionality you are looking for?

Yes, ive not found anything pre built.

But you say you don’t know much about coding? Do you know enough about coding to be able to start building this search bar, then ask for help when you get stuck? Or are you asking someone to build it for you? If so, you might want to hire a developer to do it.

I have some coding skill and I could ask for help I get stuck.

if I find it too hard ill hire someone.

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Anyone ?

Have you started an attempt at this? Maybe if you show us what you have so far, we can give you a hand with it.

Hi WebMachine,

Thanks for the reply, I have not started on this myself , I’ve had a look at other sites with similar search bars and wordpress for plugins that may work but that all.

Perhaps this plugin would work for you?

This seems like a good article.

Another plugin people recommend.

Another good article with some recommendations.

Here is the codex for the default search functionality.

you may use a wordpress plugin to add a advance search bar to your site

Hi @johnsid this has already been suggested. Do you have any recommendations for a suitable plugin?

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Thanks all.

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