How best do you handle the Data entry for content oriented websites?

Hi all,

I just want to ask the forum about the best possible/ fast ways of adding data (data entry) to the content oriented websites .

Because for the Content oriented websites, data is the master which will bring traffic and more the data may be useful for more traffic. But entering data manually into our websites or databases take more and more time.

And for people who wish to add huge data into a website( say 1 lakh individual content) , it will take huge time and in turn the running/maintaining costs of Websites( including hosting, registration renewal) will be keep on increasing…

So , to these kind of situation what would be your strategy ?

Would you using any automated kind of data entry? If yes, what are the tools you are using?

Any idea of planning things to add more data in short time with less resource?

Thanks in advance.


First you will need to have your site up. Unless you want to start from scratch, good luck on that, consider using one of the leading CMS packages: The short list of the big three are Druple, Joomla, and WordPress. Each have literally thousands of hours of development time in them already by people who know what they are doing. The easy button for getting started with any of these, unless of course you are already familiar with one or more of them, is to go online and buy 3 or 4 books on the one of your choice. Otherwise you will be stuck, much like you are here, dying on the vine waiting for a response.

Of the three, WordPress is probably the easiest to start with. Be advised that “easy” in this case is a relative term. It took me weeks to be able to do my own themes using WordPress. I did not know WordPress so I had to start in the third grade when learning it.

Once you learn word press most of the other questions you have will be clearer.

Hi edziffel,

There is no problem in developing a website. The website development is completed. I have problems to add more data to the websites. Consider a Website with ‘Quotes’ , i need to add atleast 50K to 1L quotes, if i manually enter those with only one resource, it will take hell of time… I want to reduce that… So I asked this question to know how other developers/website owners handle this situation…

there’s a good chance that none of us are interested in helping you “easy of grabbing data from other websites”

That’s fine :slight_smile:

But i haven’t only mentioned that, Still there are potential questions that may interest you guys :wink:

Any way i’m going to edit my question without that line and i think after that my question has some sense??

Anyway thanks for your reply Rudy.

Update: I couldn’t edit my question here? Is there any way to edit my question, if not, please could any of the moderators can remove that line for me?

Hi ; what data are you trying to add to your site?

Mostly text based data and rarely multimedia data like images…

But mostly i’ll adding text based data to my website…

Where would you intend on getting your “quotes” (content) from? For example when developing a real estate site it would be possible to consume that data from a MLS feed. Then it would not be necessary to enter the data manually. So where essentially is the data going to be coming from if your not going to be entering it manually – it isn’t just going to come out of thin air.

Hello, I’m not sure if I can help you with that. Good Luck