How Are Unloaded Images in My Image Directory Affecting My Page Load Speed?

I have several hundred photos in my image directory because I was previously using ImageMagick and it resized photos every time the page was loaded. What I would like to know is are the images affecting my page loads? Will my site run slower when I have hundreds of images that aren’t being loaded but are in the directory? These photos aren’t being displayed on the page at all; they are just sitting in the directory.

If ImageMagick is running each time the page loads and it is touches the other images, yes it can impact the page load. However, if ImageMagick is only working on the images that are shown on the page, no the other images will not impact page speed. Only images that are being processed and shown on the page at the time it is requested are going to impact page speed because they are being requested and downloaded. The other images in the directory are not being requested and thus not being downloaded. You can have a million images in a directory along with the HTML file, but if the page only uses one image, it is only that one image being downloaded, not the others.

I hope that makes sense.

Now again if imagemagick is touching the other images and manipulating them in some way during the page load (even if you don’t include them in the page) then obviously the time to process those images will impact the server’s processing. But it sounds like you are just having imagemagick on the images that are in the page correct?


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Thanks, Martyr2. I realized it was a stupid question because the images weren’t being displayed on the page but I thought maybe the time it took for the image to be found could affect the speed of the page load. I’m not using ImageMagick at all any more. I had used in the past and the images are still in the directories but no new images are being created.

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