How are pulled meta tag keywords?

How are pulled meta tag keywords? Is correct with spaces like
word , or
word, word , word or

Is there some offical google source?

They’re not pulled at all, google has been ignoring meta keywords for quite a while now since a lot of people were abusing them.

Maybe ou are right.

This is not based on official source. As I understand keywords are based inside search results. Maybe they count anmore as in the past but they were limited to 20 in the past. I have never heard from Google that they stopped to be seen in the search results. Maybe they do not count as before but they are checked…

Google does not show the keywords, it shows the meta description, which is something else entirely :slight_smile:

And here is Matt Cutts himself explaining Google doesn’t use meta keywords anymore: Google doesn’t use the keywords meta tag in web search

Still keywords are considered by other search engines like yahoo. However, Google looks for the title and H1 tags for keywords indexing.

Is there some official statement from google?
In this way Keyword density is not element anymore?

Keyword density is (AFAIK), the keyword meta tag isn’t (100% sure about that, see post #4). Big difference! :slight_smile: