How appear in SE for many words?

we have two sites and changed url domain1 to domain2 (8 weeks ago) by
1- Redirect 301
2- At google webmaster we changed url domain1 to domain2

although that
1-we lost old page rank !!!
2-appears at google for one word only
although our indexed pages at google 65,300

(we didn’t build back links for this word !!! )

Can you help

that’s normal… and usually takes some time to all things back… i suggest to build some links… it really helps…

It happens. So don’t worry. It will take time. Continue your working specially in building quality backlinks.

If you want to feature on SERPs for multiple keywords, then you accordingly have to plan your whole campaign and target keywords phase-wise. For ex. in the first phase, you can target some long-tail keywords and then zero in on some of the short-tail keywords with better search density. Targeting long-tail keywords will ensure that you sustain the competition and the position for the competitive keywords…

Indexing is different from Ranking. You need to concentrate on keyword rankings by focusing on various link-building methods and on-page optimization. And all together you need to be patience.